Historiart Print Henry VIII by Andrew Rowland

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Fine art print of Henry VIII by Andrew Rowland.

Andrew is a Sheffield-based traditional artist and illustrator, specialising in pencil and
watercolours, also blending hand-drawn artwork with digital colours

Artist’s Statement:

Shakespeare's Henry VIII, often overshadowed by his more famous works, immerses the audience in a riveting narrative that navigates the corridors of power, ambition, and treachery. The poster for this lesser-known gem strives to encapsulate the opulent tapestry of history and drama woven throughout the play. Intertwined roses, emblematic of the Tudor dynasty, along with the choughs from Wolsey's coat of arms, embody the intricate layers of political intrigue and betrayal. The cardinal at Henry's side further reinforces the historical and religious context, all harmoniously fused into a visually striking and symbolically rich representation of this enthralling Shakespearean drama.

Available as an A2 or A3 open edition print.

Printed on 300gsm uncoated FSC accredited stock.

A2 print: 594 x 420mm

A3 print: 420 x 297mm

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