Everyday Shakespeare: Lines for Life by Ben Crystal & David Crystal

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With a quotation for every day of the year, this beautiful book gathers together the finest lines from the lesser-known corners of Shakespeare's plays and poems. While these 400-year-old phrases may not always be familiar, they have an immediate, easy and surprising resonance with modern life. Each day as you read you'll get glimpses of loves you've known, jealousies you've felt, relationships you've had, and situations you've encountered that bring a smile - or a wince - of familiarity.

Each page features a different quotation, nuggets of trivia and miscellaneous facts, and opportunities for reflection. An entertaining commentary draws attention to points of daily life, literary, linguistic, and theatrical interest and offers notes of context for anyone who wants to know who originally said the words, in which play, and why.

Published by John Murray Press


ISBN 9781399809337


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