Shakespeare’s Sisters: Four Women Who Wrote The Renaissance by Ramie Targoff (signed by the author)

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Discover the lives and work of four ambitious Renaissance women who, against all odds, made themselves heard - and read - in the time of Shakespeare.

In an innovative and engaging narrative of everyday life in Shakespeare's England, Ramie Targoff takes us from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in the mid-16th century into the private lives of four women writers working at a time when women were legally the property of men. Some readers may have heard of Mary Sidney, accomplished poet and sister of the famous Sir Philip Sidney, but few will have heard of Aemilia Lanyer, the first woman in the 17th century to publish a book of original poetry, or Elizabeth Cary, who published the first original play by a woman. Then there was Anne Clifford, a lifelong diarist, who fought for decades against a patriarchy that tried to rob her of her land in one of England's most infamous inheritance battles.

Targoff uncovers the work left by these extraordinary women; in the process, she helps us see the Renaissance in a fresh light, creating a richer understanding of history and offering a much-needed female perspective on life in Shakespeare's day.

Published by Quercus Publishing


ISBN 9781529404890

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