Tudor Souvenir Reproduction Pewter Spoons

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Buy a little piece of English history with these pewter reproduction Tudor spoons available in two different designs. 

Tudor Spoon 
During the Tudor period tableware made from pewter would have been used in homes of the wealthy, such as Hampton Court Palace. 

Pewter spoons were sometimes engraved with the maker’s mark or initial or with the owner’s family, coat of arms, emblem or initial. Owning a pewter spoon was a way of proclaiming one’s wealth and status in society. 

Reproduction spoon is based on a Writhen or twisted knop spoon. 

115 x 45mm

Elizabeth I Seal Top Spoon 
Seal top spoons were a rarity before the late 1550’s but from about 1560 until 1670 they became very popular. It was customary when travelling to carry personal eating utensils as well as writing materials. 

105 x 30mm

These are pewter reproduction Tudor spoons.

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